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It’s Not Easy For Anyone

This afternoon while I was on a lunch break run around the lake near my house, I had some time to reflect on some personal things that have been going on over the past few weeks.  I was out enjoying the beautiful 80 degree day with just enough clouds in the sky and wind at… Continue reading It’s Not Easy For Anyone

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Thanksgiving Weekend By The Numbers

I always have such optimism going in to a long Holiday weekend.  I have all these amazing plans of everything I’m going to accomplish and how I am going to spend those precious one on one moments home with the kiddos.  It’s not often that we get to spend four days in a row where… Continue reading Thanksgiving Weekend By The Numbers

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How I Manage to Fit Work Outs In

I worked out two days this week!  I know it’s only Thursday, and I have a few days left, but I feel confident saying that I am not going to work out anytime between now and Monday.  I know two days a week is not ideal, but it is better than zero days a week,… Continue reading How I Manage to Fit Work Outs In

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Working Out Isn’t What it Used to Be

I worked out for the first time today in about 5 months.  In February my Morton’s Neuroma flared up so bad that I had to be in a boot for 6 weeks, and then I found out I was pregnant again.  So, I fell out of the work-out routine.  Not to say I really had… Continue reading Working Out Isn’t What it Used to Be

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Who Needs Toys?

Want to know the best thing about having and Amazon Mom subscription?!?  No, it’s not the discount on diapers and other household items!  It’s the giant boxes they come in!  Apparently, they are better toys, beds, couches, places to chilax than anything else I can provide my kid! The picture above is what an average… Continue reading Who Needs Toys?

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My StepMom Journey

See that beautiful redhead in my picture?  Yup, that is my redheaded stepchild.  I joke about it because I think it is funny and totally ironic that I actually have a redheaded stepchild!  I absolutely love her, but let me tell you, it is hard being a stepmom. Continue reading “My StepMom Journey”

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My Imperfect Life

See that picture above?  Looks like a perfect life, huh?  I have a handsome husband, three beautiful &  healthy children, and one on the way!  I have a good full-time job for a large company in corporate America.  I have another job for a beauty company that I LOVE and truly feel like I am making… Continue reading My Imperfect Life