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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and yet another reason for me to shout from the rooftops that beauty is NOT a reason to expose yourself to toxins or chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and more. The European Union has banned 1400 of the chemicals scientifically linked to these issues, but the US remains… Continue reading October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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I Survived the Bachelorette Party!

When I find out I was pregnant, the first thing that crossed my mind was “Sarah’s going to kill me.”  Sarah is my little sister who just so happened to be getting married about 8.5 months from the day I found out I was expecting.  It has caused a lot of drama and stress in… Continue reading I Survived the Bachelorette Party!

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Please Tell Me I Do Not Suck as a Mom

I am writing this blog post today to put it out there.  I feel like things like this happen to the best of us moms, even though we try our hardest to be the best moms possible and not let anything bad ever happen to our kids.  I am writing this so I can get… Continue reading Please Tell Me I Do Not Suck as a Mom