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It’s Not Easy For Anyone

This afternoon while I was on a lunch break run around the lake near my house, I had some time to reflect on some personal things that have been going on over the past few weeks.  I was out enjoying the beautiful 80 degree day with just enough clouds in the sky and wind at… Continue reading It’s Not Easy For Anyone

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Potty Training Boys is NOT Easy

I was lucky enough to begin my role as “potty trainer” with two girls.  The ease of potty training them definitely skewed my view on what potty training means from a universal sense.  It was quick, easy, and clean.  They pretty much figured it out on their own, and decided when they were ready to… Continue reading Potty Training Boys is NOT Easy

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Baby #5 Pregnancy Update!

I realized that I haven’t been really great this time around talking much about what’s been going on with Baby #5.  Let me tell you, being pregnant while you are taking care of four other little humans can make life really interesting.  I’ll give you a little insight into what this pregnancy has been like… Continue reading Baby #5 Pregnancy Update!

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The Importance of Self-Care

I, along with many other women I (I assume), often feel pulled in so many directions on a daily basis that something needs to give.  I work a full time stressful job, have four kids, am pushing 23 week pregnant with baby #5, own my own business, and still have to keep the house in… Continue reading The Importance of Self-Care

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Thanksgiving Weekend By The Numbers

I always have such optimism going in to a long Holiday weekend.  I have all these amazing plans of everything I’m going to accomplish and how I am going to spend those precious one on one moments home with the kiddos.  It’s not often that we get to spend four days in a row where… Continue reading Thanksgiving Weekend By The Numbers

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The Truth About Motherhood

When I found out I was expecting each of my children, moments of pure happiness starting flooding all of my thoughts.  I imagined going to the park with them, dressing them up for Halloween, their faces on Christmas morning…I thought about kissing them goodnight and snuggling in with them on Saturday mornings while I drink… Continue reading The Truth About Motherhood

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The Great Minnesota Get Together…and Puke

The last week and a half of August symbolizes many things to many people.  It symbolizes the end of care free summers, the start of school, and if you live in Minnesota and the surrounding areas, it means cheese curds, deep fried snickers bars, turkey legs, and anything you can think of eaten off a… Continue reading The Great Minnesota Get Together…and Puke

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Put On That Bathing Suit and Make Memories

Making memories with your kids is more important than vanity.  I have an imperfect body, and with that I have an imperfect view of what a perfect body means.  But guess what?!?  My kids do not give a shit about what my body looks like.  All they care about it playing with Mom at the… Continue reading Put On That Bathing Suit and Make Memories

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The Hell of Family Pictures

Every mom has this vision in her head of getting that perfect family photo to use in Christmas cards, show off to friends, get printed on a too expensive canvas to hang in their fancy dining room, and/or to end up doing nothing with because, well…life.  I, too, had this vision in my head and… Continue reading The Hell of Family Pictures

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F*ck You, Mom Guilt!

Ugh, can we talk about this thing called “mom guilt”?  Are all moms born with it, and then it lies dormant in the inner parts of our souls until having a baby magically releases it to the surface?  And not only does it just rise to the surface, it shoots out all over messing with… Continue reading F*ck You, Mom Guilt!