Hello!  Thanks for visiting!  I am Veronica, and I keep myself sane by going with the flow.  I am a mom to 4 wonderful kids (preggo with #5), wife to a hottie husband, full time corporate leader for a large CPG company, owner of a beauty business whose mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone, and most importantly, a straight shooter.  I tell it as it is.  This blog is a way for me to show working (and non-working) moms out there that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!  Ok, that’s not totally true.  A better way to say it is YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL IF YOU LOWER YOU STANDARDS, RELISH IN IMPERFECTION, AND KNOW THAT THERE ARE OTHERS OUT THERE WHO ARE NOT MAKING ORGANIC HOMEMADE WELL BALANCED MEALS FOR THEIR KIDS EVERYDAY, DO NOT HAVE AN IMMACULATE HOUSE, AND DRINK WINE AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.  I am a good mom, a good stepmom, a good wife, a decent friend, and a smart cookie.  I can mostly balance it all, and because I just go with the flow, I am living Happily Imperfect Ever After.

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