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My Favorite Things Right Now

I hope you are all enjoying Spring and are getting ready for summer! I wanted to switch things up a little bit and share some of my current favorite things!  As a busy mom of five, I’m just trying to survive and keep my kids healthy and safe, so I thought you might benefit from what I’ve been loving recently!  I love sharing all things that are easy to incorporate into a busy life regarding to clean living + easy recipes + companies I am loving + ways to SAVE money and much more. 
Things making my life easier right now:

Cook Once Eat All Week Cookbook – this cookbook is simply amazing.  It has saved us so much time and headaches! It provides easy dinners with healthy ingredients that you can prep in about 90 minutes a week for your family. Who doesn’t want to make meal time even easier? It’s currently on sale for $21.50!

Boxed – a few years ago we gave up our Costco membership. I realized we would spend so much extra money there just to turn around and spend our normal grocery bill.  AND, I hated the crowds in the store. I love using Boxed because I can get discounts on bulk products without the fee of paying a membership. This link will give you $15 off your first order.

Vitamin E oil drop in a good body lotion– GAME changer for my skin. Even though the dry winter months are ending, my skin still needs a big boost in moisture. Vitamin E helps with aging, dark spots and a huge boost in hydration! LOVE me some Citrus Mimosa Body Lotion

Collagen in my coffee – I love to add a scoop of collagen protein in my coffee each morning. Not only does it help improve hair, skin, and nails from the inside out, but the extra protein in my coffee also helps me bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch without wanting to eat my arm off.

Non-Toxic Deodorant –  I’ve been searching for a non-toxic deodorant for a long time.  Everything I’ve tried (Schmidts & Native) have either ripped up my armpits, caused me to get a rash, or just haven’t worked.  Then I tried Primally Pure and I love it!  Check it out and get $10 off with this link.
Ready to get your make up bag summer ready? 6 things you need now…

1. Sunscreen for your face – this is the number 1 way to prevent the signs of aging and our dew skin gives you a dewy healthy look

2. Bronzer – Whether your a powder girl or prefer a creamy formula, adding a little bronzer will get you summer ready!

3. Highlighter -A dab along your cheekbones, eyelids, and a little down the bridge of your nose will lend your face the prettiest glow.  I love Halo and Beautycounter’s Pearl Glow.

4. Blush – I like clean brands that give a nice punch of color even if you don’t get to spend much time on the beach. A few of my favorites? Beautycounter’s Melon, Nectar, & Guava.

5. Brows – even with the most minimal make up, having your brows done gives you a quick pulled together look.  I used to be scared of filling in my brows, but now I don’t feel like my look is finished without it!

6. Lip Color – I want a great non-toxic lip stain option to last all day. Layer it with a quick gloss and your good to go! I have been loving Garden Party for that perfect peachy pink!

Have a great day!
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