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Baby #5 Pregnancy Update!

I realized that I haven’t been really great this time around talking much about what’s been going on with Baby #5.  Let me tell you, being pregnant while you are taking care of four other little humans can make life really interesting.  I’ll give you a little insight into what this pregnancy has been like and a glimpse into the current state of my life.

5th Pregnancy – 4th Baby – 5th Child…..WTF?

One interesting thing that I always face when people ask me, “is this your first?”, is exactly how to respond.  Technically, this is my fifth pregnancy, so I can technically say, “no, it’s my fifth.”  However, I unfortunately lost a baby in 2014 between Harlow and Jacek.  But, this is actually the fourth baby that I am birthing.  BUT AGAIN, this is actually the fifth child that we are welcoming into our family because I was lucky enough to stepmombecome family with MK when I married Mark in 2012.  So, even though technically/biologically/whatever, MK is not a child I birthed, she is still one of our soon to be FIVE children.  I may be her stepmom, but she is one of my kids, and I love her and care for her the same as the others.  Clear as mud, right?  Whatever anyone else thinks, I am welcoming my fifth child into the world in May 2018, and couldn’t be more ecstatic about it!

The Weird Things People Say When You Tell Them You are Expecting #5

When did having a big family become so taboo?  When I tell people I’m expecting our fifth child, people either look at me like I am an alien or their eyes get really sad like “you poor soul.”  WTF?!?  It is so fascinating to me that people have such strong opinions and no filters.  Here’s a 100% true list of responses I’ve gotten when I mention I’ve carrying #5:

  • “Girrrrrl, you crazy.”
  • “Yikes, I can’t even handle my one, how are you going to manage five?”
  • “Don’t you think the world is already overpopulated?”
  • “That’s a daycare bill I don’t want.”
  • “You know you are never going to be able to take a family vacation.”
  • “Wow.  Good for you!  I give you a lot of credit.”
  • ” You aren’t planning on going back to work, are you?”
  • “I don’t know how you do it.”
  • “Your husband is a lucky man!!” (this obviously came from a dude)
  • And my favorite….”Were they all planned?”

I miss the good old days when I found out I was pregnant with Harlow, and the majority of responses included “congrats!”, “you are going to be a great mom!”, “I’m so excited for you!”, etc.  But, at the end of the day, having another baby is a decision Mark and I made because we WANT and ENJOY having a big family.  Our lives are hectic, but filled with lots of love.

Pregnancy Updates

I’ve been getting a ton of questions from people about how this pregnancy is going and how it compares to the others, so I thought I’d take some time and answer them!

How many weeks are you and when exactly are you due?  I am currently just over 25 weeks pregnant, and baby is due May 29th, 2018 (100 days to go!).  It’s so funny how the first 12 weeks of pregnancy seem to go so slowly, and then all of a sudden I am more than halfway done.  I think the anticipation of first doctors appointments, keeping the DSC_0712secret until it is “safe”, waiting for that bump to show so people know you are pregnant and not just getting fat, and feeling the baby move are all things I eagerly seem to wait forever for.  Then once they happen, the time just takes off.

How is this pregnancy the same or different from the others?  At first glance, this pregnancy is exactly like all the others.  From about weeks 6 thru 13, I felt hungover pretty much every day, but never actually threw up. I am totally one of the lucky women in the world who has never experienced throwing up from pregnancy, and that’s probably one reason I am so open to having so many kids.  Up until about 18 weeks, I was falling asleep on the couch at about 7:30 every night.  I started to show around 12 weeks, but did not really start wearing maternity clothes until 19 weeks.

The actual difference with this pregnancy is that even though I am feeling good, I am so f’ing exhausted all the time.  My brain, my body, my muscles, etc.  I can stay awake until at least 9pm every night now, but I am tired all day long.  It’s funny because everyone refers to me as “superwoman”, but I literally feel like a failure every day.  I am having a hard time concentrating at work past 3pm, I get impatient with my kids very easily, and all I really want to do when I get home is lay down.  Pregnancy has always been really easy to me, so as I was crying to Mark one day that I thought something was wrong with me, he gave me a good hard look and said, “Hunny, you are pregnant and building a human WHILE taking care of four other little kids, taking care of the house, planning birthday parties and Valentine’s parties, working a high stress job full time, AND running a successful beauty business.  Of course you are exhausted.  Cut yourself some slack.”  And so, I am trying to be nicer to myself and take the time for some self-care.

Do you know what you are having?  We DO know what we are having! DSC_0713 Mark and I found out at our 19 week Level 2 ultrasound (Level 2 because this is considered a geriatric pregnancy…a good way to make a lady feel great!).  We’ve always told everyone what we are having, but kept the name to ourselves.  This time we are keeping the gender and name a surprise!

What has your diet been like this time around?  Oh lordy, my diet is total crap you guys.  And, it’s the product of all of the things I mentioned above.  Life is super busy, and I just cannot find the time or energy to successfully prepare decent meals for myself throughout the week.  Here’s a glimpse into an average day for me with what I eat.

  • 6:00am:  Wake up and get in the shower while Mark is wrangling the kids downstairs.
  • 6:30am:  Run downstairs while my hair is drying to get a up of coffee with a scoop of Collagen Protein added.  Help get a kid or two dressed, then run back upstairs to finish getting ready.
  • 7:00am:  Get everyone in the car for daycare dropoff.
  • 7:15am-8:15am:  Carpool to work with Mark and eat half a sleeve of graham crackers on the way.
  • 8:15am-4:15pm:  I am pretty much in meetings all day at work or working on high priority projects, so I rarely have even a half hour to eat a decent lunch.  I generally will eat a few granola bars throughout the day, grab a bowl of cereal from my work cereal bar (perk of working for CPG company), or run down to the mini-cafe and get a cup of soup.
  • 4:15pm-5:30pm:  Leave work, pick up Mark, and pick up the kids from daycare.
  • 5:30pm-6:30pm:  Hang out and play with the kids while Mark cooks dinner.  This is why I am still alive.  Mark makes delicious meals every night, so it is probably my biggest source of nutrition.  We laugh because he would literally be lost without me, and I would starve to death without him.
  • 7:15pm-9:00pm:  The big shit show of getting all the kids ready for bed and them actually sleeping happens during this time frame.  This includes them getting out of bed 1,000 times, going into each others’ rooms, Mark and I running up and down the stairs threatening to shut doors and take things from them (morning snacks, tv time, etc), and then finally getting them to stay put and fall asleep.  While this is happening, we are also making school lunches and getting their clothes ready for the next day.
  • 9:00pm-9:15pm:  Eat an entire bag of Cheetos.  Cheetos are my go-to quick food
    I am actually eating Cheetos as I write this!

    this pregnancy.  I know they are not healthy, but I crave them, love them, and want to marry them.  They make this exhausted, frustrated, stressed, mama feel all kinds of good. So do not judge.

Are you still exercising?  While I would love to continue making everyone think I am superwoman, I am honestly working out 1-2 times a month right now.  Remember that whole “I am exhausted ALL. THE. TIME.” thing?  Yeah, that does not bode well for a robust exercise program.  I’ve done a couple 21 Day Fix workouts, yoga a few times, and a few 80 Day Obsession workouts this pregnancy, but that’s about it.  Oh yeah, and I actually fell down the stairs when I was 15 weeks pregnant and fractured my tailbone, so I could hardly even sit or walk for about 6 weeks.

And yes, I totally get that if I was eating properly and exercising that my exhaustion would probably cure itself.  But, my life is just not set up for that right now.  So do not judge.

How much weight have you gained?  I gain about 30 pounds with every pregnancy.  I have currently gained about 12 lbs, so I am right on track to  hit that 30 pound mark by the end of this one as well.

Are the other kids excited?  Overall, the kids are very excited!  Jacek talks to the baby all the time and everything I do, he asks if it’s because of the baby.  “Mom,DSC_0670 are you eating Cheetos because the baby likes Cheetos?”  Jacek is convinced the baby is a boy. Harlow loves talking about the baby to all of her friends at school, and they all want to touch my belly when I come pick her up.  She says if the baby is a girl, we should name her Cinderella Ariel Rapunzel and ‘Prince Charming if the baby is a boy.  I think MK is excited, but as our house grows, it’s becoming so much more drastically different than the home she shares with her mom.  Our house is loud, busy, and full of lots of family time, while she is moving into a Tiny House with her mom in March.  I think adjusting to two opposite lifestyles is getting increasingly difficult for her, but she’s a great big sister and excited for baby to arrive!  Callum is 15 months old and just discovered my popped out belly button.  Whatever happens from here on out, he doesn’t really get or care.

Are you going to go back to work?  Yes, me not working is not an option for many reasons. Financially, we cannot have me stay home.  I also do not think I could be a stay at home mom.  I love my kids, but I give stay at home moms a TON of credit.  I think I’d go nuts. I need the creative, social outlet that work gives me.

So there you go! That is my update on baby #5!  As you know, I am an open book, so please feel free to ask me any other questions you may have.  I’ll try to give a few more updates before baby arrives.  Let me know if there are any other topics you’d like me to cover whether it’s about baby or anything else!




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