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Thanksgiving Weekend By The Numbers


I always have such optimism going in to a long Holiday weekend.  I have all these amazing plans of everything I’m going to accomplish and how I am going to spend those precious one on one moments home with the kiddos.  It’s not often that we get to spend four days in a row where there is no work, no daycare, and just family time.

However, now that the weekend is over, I am 100% ready to go back to work and I am ready to throw my kids out the window (that’s a joke for all of you ready to call CPS on me).  It’s a blessing and a curse that we do not have much family that live near us.  On one hand, we do not have to travel to (or host) a big Thanksgiving feast.  But, on the other hand, we do not have anyone to give us any sort of break from taking care of a house full of kiddos for 96 hours.  Here is a realistic look at Thanksgiving weekend by the numbers at my  house.

  • I threatened something about Santa watching 242 times.
  • I asked the question, “why are you crying?”  143 times.


  • Callum bit Jacek 3 times.
  • I changed 125 poopy diapers.
  • I left the house 2 times total.
  • I did a good Mom thing 1 time and made a “pie” with the kids.  (shout out to for giving me an easy recipe!)


  • I went through 12 boxes of Kleenex (why do kids’ noses never stop running?).
  • I took 4 naps!
  • I said “chocolate or poop?” at least 2 different times.
  • Harlow tested out 3 different accents and I have no idea where they came from.
She made those handcuffs, not me!
  • I stepped on 1,364,761 Legos.
  • 3 seconds…the amount of time I had in the bathroom by myself before someone knocked on the door (or came in).  Every.Single.Time
  • I mentioned that I needed wine 376 times.
  • I broke up 723 fights between Harlow and Jacek.
  • I broke up 52 fights between Harlow, Jacek, and Callum.
  • I gave up and just egged on Callum and Jacek.
  • I made 17 forts.
  • I took a total of 1 shower in 4 days.
  • I said the phrase “are you being a good listener?” 526 times.
  • I did 9 loads of laundry.
  • I folded 0 loads of laundry.
  • And I laid in bed and reflected on how lucky I am 4 nights in a row.

Because, even though the days are chaotic, and I need a break sometimes, I am truly blessed and thankful that I have four healthy kids, a loving husband, a healthy baby on the way, and all of our needs met.  And, my kids love me unconditionally.  They do not care that I showered once in four days, and they love the fact that I made 17 forts.  I did not get my to-do list accomplished, but I was able to spend every moment making memories with my kids.  And I’ll take those special memories with me wherever I go.

Harlow’s special place setting for me at Thanksgiving.


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