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Yes, I Sell Things…But Passion Comes First.

June 03, 2017{Cowen Family}

Some of you probably lump me in with a large group of people that you see on your Facebook pages and other social media sites who sell things.   You all see these people who are part of multi-level-marketing companies or “pyramid schemes” for the most uninformed out there.  I never in a million years wanted to be a part of a direct sales/MLM company because I did not want to be one of “those people”.  I was not salesy, and I did not want to accost my friends with pointless products to make a buck.  I had seen people do the same thing time and time again, adding me to groups, spamming my inbox, and just being so damn pushy that I started to get mad.  They also lacked any passion in what they said and it turned me off.

I was, however, looking for a passion project.  I was a mom, a wife, a corporate leader, and bounced around from each of those.  I needed something for me, something that lit a fire under me!  I had a happy life, but I knew I had so much more to add (and gain) out of life.  I realized that nothing in your life will change until you do something big…something scary.  If I wanted to make more money, change lives, be part of something bigger, I had to do something about it!

And then I found Beautycounter. I was looking for a company to purchase safer skincare products from because I had been doing a ton of research on chemicals that are in beauty products.  I had just recently had a miscarriage, and I was doing everything in my power to be informed about what went in and on my body.  I purchased my first Beautycounter product and fell in love. It was a slow process to replace my unsafe beauty products one by one, but I’ve done it, and along the way, I learned more and more about Beautycounter’s mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone.  The Beautycounter founders and consultants lobby Congress, they educate women and families, they are driving social change.  And, the company sells their products through consultants because their goal of educating consumers would be lost if their products just sat on department store shelves.  I wanted to be a part of that, and as a business woman, the business opportunity was so great that I decided to join the team.

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of social media posts saying things like “Dear MLM friend, quit harassing me.” I just saw one today about being added to groups people haven’t shown interest in.  I get it!   It happens to me, too, and it’s not right!  Direct sales should never be done that way.  I always bring the company and consultant opportunity up to people when it’s a natural fit because I believe so much in the social mission.  I post about how to switch to safer and ways to purchase safer products, but it is authentic and with education and awareness in mind.  Not sales.  I hope people can feel my passion for the company and the important mission behind it.

The thing is, though, if you found a great new pair of shoes, or a new amazing restaurant, or a super cute and comfy pair of jeans, you’d probably tell all your friends about it, right?  You are “selling” to people every day!  If you can find a company that is a natural fit for your interests, feeds your passions, and represents something you love (for me it’s safer skincare), then go for it!  You will naturally be a good fit as a company spokesperson.

I have a lot of friends in MLMs, and I am cheering them on!  The ones who are authentic, pushing out of their comfort zones, and doing things the right way are such amazing girl bosses who took a chance.  I am so happy that I signed on with Beautycounter.  It sounds cheesey, but it has changed my life!  I have formed friendships with women on my team from all over the country who I learn from and share successes with daily.  I have extra money to save up for big vacations, a house cleaner, etc.  I have an excitement and passion on a daily basis about the difference I am making in people’s lives.  AND, I do it all while having 4 kids, a hubby, a BIG job, and my sanity.  Can you say that?

Thank you to everyone who has supported me.  I hope I inspire you to find a passion and go for it!  I know some of you support me from afar, and some have jumped in 100%. And to all of those “annoying” people adding you to their groups, please be kind to them.  They are  doing things in a manner that they feel is best.  Just kindly tell them to not add you to their groups, and they will hopefully oblige.

If you’d like more information on how to be a part of Beautycounter’s misison, or how to transition your household into safer products, please do not hesitate to reach out.



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