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An Easy Way to Switch to Safer Products <>

Holy moly, this is a good deal!  You all know I love Beautycounter, and I am a huge advocate of switching over to safer personal care products.  Right now, they are offering a HUGE deal!

Spend $150, get a Cleansing Balm ($80 value) or Citrus Body Oil ($73) for FREE!

Now through Sunday, July 30th, they are offering a FANTASTIC deal! It is a great time to stock up on safer products (sunscreen, tint skin, dew skin, Countermatch, kids bath products, etc!) because if you spend $150 you can choose from one of two amazing products, Cleansing Balm or Citrus Body Oil!

A Way to Sweeten the Deal!!!!! Join the Perks Program!!

Did you know that Beautycounter has an awesome member perks program?!?! For a one time $29 fee, you can join the Band of Beauty Membership program. There is no autoship or obligation to purchase. AND, you get free gifts, free shipping, and product credits! If you take advantage of the freebie deal above and add the Band of Beauty membership, you will get:

  • Free Cleansing Balm ($80 value) or Citrus Body Oil ($73 value)
  • Free shipping on all orders over $100
  • 15% product credit with every order (which means you’ll have $22.50 to use the next time you shop)
  • Free Calendula Lip Balm $20) as your first membership gift

So for $179, you will get $129 in free stuff!!!

It’s a good time to stock up and become a member!

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I Am Hiring!

Do you want to make a difference in the world and be part of a social movement?

I decided to join Beautycounter because we are a company with a social mission that is actually making a difference in people’s lives!

Did you know that there hasn’t been a law passed since 1938 regulating what companies can put in their personal care products? This means that products could (and do) contain toxic chemicals that contribute to many health issues. Just like when you put a nicotine patch or a birth control patch on your body and the product is absorbed through your skin, the same thing happens when you use moisturizer, shampoo, makeup, body wash, etc. The product is absorbed into your skin, and what’s in that product could be harming you.

Not everyone knows that, and I am helping to educate people and help them choose safe and effective products for their families while building a business and earning an income. You can make up to 35% commission on your sales!

I really want people to join my team and help drive this mission forward. You do not need to have a background in sales or marketing. You need passion and the drive to be part of something bigger. It’s scary, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.

**Through the end of the month, I will reimburse the $85 sign up fee for anyone who joins and purchases a starter kit. THAT’S HOW MUCH THIS MISSION MEANS TO ME.***

Click here for more info!

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