38 Weeks 1 Day and (im)Patiently Waiting


I am 38 weeks and 1 day today….and I am so freaking anxious!  Overall I feel good, but the anxiety of making sure I make it to my sister’s wedding is killing me! Here’s an update on where I’m at!

How far along? 38 weeks and 1 day
How big is he? I had my appointment yesterday and the Doc estimated that he is about 8lbs (or 3600 grams) right now.
Total weight gain/loss? +22 lbs  (totally weird to admit that, but 22 isnt that bad!)
Maternity clothes? I’ve been wearing a lot of LuLaRoe, but I recently realized that I have some really cute maternity clothes that I won’t be able to wear soon (hopefully!).  So I’ve been trying to wear my favorites as much as I can.  Most of the time they are dresses because they are so comfy.  I’m going to miss wearing this dress I got from ASOS.
Sleep?  I haven’t been sleeping very well for about two months now.  It’s not that I’m uncomfortable or anxious, I just have insomnia.  Oh, and then my two little ones have also decided that they aren’t going to sleep through the night either anymore.  FML.
Best moment this week? My sister was in town visiting!  She got to hang with us for a few days and enjoy the craziness of my imperfect life!  I was hoping baby would arrive while she was here, but he was not cooperative.
Symptoms? Sharp/tingly pains in my groin and sciatic nerve pain continues.  I’ve still got some bad heartburn.  I’m pretty sure I lot my mucus plug over a few days last week as well.  Seems like a good sign, but if you try to read up on it, you get conflicting results.  Some say

Am I hiding a basketball or a medicine ball?!?!

labor can happen hours later (LIES), and others say it could be a few weeks.  I’m hoping somewhere in the middle.
Food cravings? Sweets!  Like, I totally want to go to the store right now and buy ALL THE CHOCOLATE!
Food aversions? None
Gender? Boy – both ultrasounds were VERY CLEAR that this baby is a boy.  And, based on the fact that he is already 8 lbs, I’m thinking he is going to be another BIG boy.
Labor signs? Ugh.  I’m still dilated to a 1…30% effaced…and baby is head down at a -2 station.  I’ve been having contractions for about 2 weeks, but nothing consistent.  I believe the mucus plus has been coming out.  Oh, and TMI, but my bowels decided that yesterday morning would be a good day to empty EVERYTHING out.  It was totally fun (or not).  But my doc said it could be a sign that labor is near.  I’m skeptical.
Belly button in or out? Ummm…..about as out as you can get.  Like, so far out that I could play swords with you just using my belly button.  And, Jacek wont stop touching it and pushing it.
What I miss?  WINE, running, sleeping.
What I’m looking forward to? Snuggling my little dude in my arms and seeing the other kids hold him.
Milestones? I now have that super cool preggo waddle happening when I walk!

Stay tuned for a few more updates or hopefully a baby announcement!

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