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34 Week Update

Hello!  I just wanted to give a quick 34 week pregnancy update!  I had my appointment this morning, and all is well.  

Showing off my LulaRoe leggings and Irma shirt while waiting for the doctor to see me.

How far along? 34 weeks 2 days!
How big is he? The size of a butternut squash.
Total weight gain/loss? +18 lbs
Maternity clothes? I’ve gone from maternity clothes to LulaRoe!  I love the comfy leggings, shirts and dresses that will also work for me postpartum!  Mark has been giving me the side eye every time I go to the mailbox after work and pull out another LulaRoe package.  I’m obsessed.
Sleep?  I haven’t been sleeping very well for about a month now.  It’s not that I’m uncomfortable or anxious, I just have insomnia.  Insomnia right before baby is born is not cool.
Best moment this week? Baby is very strong and moving a lot.  Mark and all of the kids have been able to feel him moving around.  It’s so sweet.
Symptoms? Sharp/tingly pains in my groin and sciatic nerve pain has started.  Besides that, heartburn is the worst of the symptoms.
Food cravings? No food cravings, but I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream just because.
Food aversions? None
Gender? Boy – both ultrasounds were VERY CLEAR that this baby is a boy.
Labor signs? Since I’m flying tomorrow, my doctor checked me at my appointment today for progress.  I am not having contractions, but my cervix is soft!  I’m also dilated to a 1 on the inner part of the cervix, but not dilated on the outer part of the cervix so she still considers me a 0.  She thinks I’ll have this dude early.
Belly button in or out? Ummm…..about as out as you can get.
What I miss?  WINE
What I’m looking forward to? Snuggling my little dude in my arms and seeing the other kids hold him.
Milestones? Baby’s head is down!

Stay tuned for a few more updates or a baby announcement!

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