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Safe Skin Sunday – Makeup Free Selfie!

Sundays are made for family time, relaxation, and then rabid cleaning and getting the house together for the week.  As I’ve written before, to keep myself sane and be ok with being imperfect, I’ve given up trying to stay up on laundry, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, etc during the week, and catch up on (mostly) everything  on Sundays to start the week off on a fresh note. It works for me and our family.

This also means that on Sundays, there is no point in getting all glammed up.  I generally go makeup free to give my skin a chance to breath.  To be honest, I never would have done this a year ago.  I did not feel comfortable in my natural skin and felt the need to cover up dark spots, old blemish redness, current blemishes, and emerging fine lines and wrinkles with a heavier foundation and concealer combo.  Even back then, I was the queen of skincare and was trying everything to find the magic potion to help my skin.  I used all the different brands (Estee Lauder, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Biore, Ole Henricksen, Clinique, etc).  Some of them worked better than others, but then I began to educate myself on the crap that those brands put into their products.  I did not feel comfortable slathering my face with chemicals that had been shown to increase the risk of cancer and hormone disruption.  Ick.

I then discovered a skincare line from Beautycounter and my skin has never looked better.  Beautycounter uses a 5-step rigorous ingredient selection process to ensure that the products work beautifully without compromising your safety.  I use the Rejuvenating Line, Charcoal Bar, and Hydrating oil and my skin has honestly never looked better.  It even felt better from the second I first used the night cream (which was the first product I purchased).  Since that night, I was hooked.

Our makeup free selfie!

So now that my skin has improved dramatically, I no longer feel self-conscious going makeup free.  I definitely do it on Sundays, but there are days during the week that a little extra sleep is more important than time spent putting on makeup.  I may not look perfect but I am still confident!

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