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Safe Skin Sunday – Foundation!


As I have fully transitioned my skincare products to items that are safer for my health and have done wonders for my skin, I have also slowly started transitioning my makeup.  I used to rely on a popular foundation that had very full coverage to help even out my skin tone and hide any blemishes or dark spots.  As the cleaner/safer skincare routine also cleared up and made my natural skin clear, even, and glowing, I began to be more open to the idea of switching over my foundation to something that was better for me as well.  I wanted to enhance my natural beauty instead of hide all of the imperfections I used to have.  Because I already loved the Beautycounter brand’s skincare (and mission!), I also chose that brand as I transition my makeup.

Beautycounter has two types of foundation:  Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer and Tint Skin Foundation.  What I liked about both of them is they are made with safer ingredients and both contain things like hyaluronic acid, a natural moisture magnet, that promotes smoother-looking skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  I decided to order both to see which one worked better for me.

I chose Tint Skin in Medium Light and Dew Skin No. 3.

I tried the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer (an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner) first.  I love the fact that it has SPF 20 in it and makes my skin feel dewy (appropriate for the name!) and glowing.  It is very easy to put on and get out the door.  It gave my skin a very light natural coverage so I did not look too made up.  A few reasons why this product is safer than traditional foundations/tinted moisturizers are it is made with non-nano zinc oxide as the mineral sun-blocker. It also avoids using any type of chemical sunscreens, which may be linked to hormone disruption, and nanoparticles, which are extremely small, understudied particles.  Overall, I love this product as my weekend go-to for a polished look when I don’t want to look too made up.

Next, I tried the Tint Skin Foundation.  This one gave me more coverage, which I felt more comfortable with when I wanted to look a little more polished.  I now wear this as my everyday foundation when I go to work, have a date night, or go to an event.  I love the way it feels on my skin and lasts all day.  I never feel like my makeup looks stale and I need to freshen up.  It is safer than other foundations because many similar products contain ethoxylated ingredients like PEGs, which function as thickeners and emulsifiers. PEGs may be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, a carcinogen. Tint Skin, like all of Beautycounter’s products, does not contain ethoxylated ingredients.

So now I am hooked.  I will never go back to any other foundations.  I will continue to alternate the Dew Skin and Tint Skin, depending on what kind of coverage/look I am going for.  I’m glad I took the plunge into safer skincare and now I am transitioning to safer makeup.  Even though this mama isn’t perfect, I try to do what I can when I can to make small changes towards better health.




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