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The Opposite of Health and Fitness

I am just going to put it out there.  In the past three days, I think I have eaten about 25 cookies.  Yes.  2-5.  Twenty Five.  Twenty Five Cookies.  That being said, it’s actually part of my job.  I work for a large CPG company on a very well known brand and I had to taste test some new cookie recipes that will be coming out for the Christmas season.  And when I say “had to test” I really mean that I had to take a bite of each and give my approval.  I did not have to eat the entire cookie.  But I did.  And I am ok with that…until I have to pass my gestational diabetes test in a few weeks.  Then ask me how I’m feeling.  But remember, I’m not perfect.  🙂

Cookies Here’s a glimpse of the first round of tasting I had to participate in.  Tough job, huh?

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