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Working Out Isn’t What it Used to Be

I worked out for the first time today in about 5 months.  In February my Morton’s Neuroma flared up so bad that I had to be in a boot for 6 weeks, and then I found out I was pregnant again.  So, I fell out of the work-out routine.  Not to say I really had a good routine anyway.  Before I had my first baby, my hubby and I would go to the gym at least 5 days a week.  It was almost like a date for us!  I would run, lift weights, do yoga, pilates, Zumba etc….you name it!  I was a rock star.  When I was pregnant the first time, I still worked out a lot.  Since having two babies, my workouts have been very sporadic and not quite as intense.

I was so excited to finally have the time and energy to get back to the gym today.  My head was like “Yes Veronica!  You are strong and you can do this!”  I was pumped!  I was going to tear it up with cardio and weight training.  I’ve had very easy deliveries with my first two kids (pushed for 17 minutes with my first and 7 minutes with my second) and I feel that being in shape helped with that. So, I was ready to get back to it!

2016-07-26 15.11.30

Yeah, my head and my body were not on the same page.  On a positive note, I did do cardio and weight training.  However, the whole time I was doing it, I was like “kill me now.”  Weirdly enough, I’m not as agile as I remember!  And, I was out of breath much quicker than I thought I would be.  I mean, yeah, I have a basketball attached to the front of my body, but my head was so in the game that I thought I was going to tear that gym up.

I’m just happy that I took that step to get back in the gym.  Today was day 1.  Maybe day 2 will go a little better.  Maybe I’m not the perfect little gym rat like I used to be (or imagine I used to be).  But, I went to the gym and had an imperfect workout.  But imperfect counts, right?

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