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Who Needs Toys?

Want to know the best thing about having and Amazon Mom subscription?!?  No, it’s not the discount on diapers and other household items!  It’s the giant boxes they come in!  Apparently, they are better toys, beds, couches, places to chilax than anything else I can provide my kid!

Jacek in a box

The picture above is what an average Sunday looks like at my house.  Notice the millions of toys in the background spread all over?  Notice that my house is not picture perfect?  Notice the cup of milk sitting on the floor?  Yeah, I don’t notice any of the stuff either.  I notice my sweet little boy being happy sucking his thumb in a giant box.

The toys get put away once the kids go to bed, and the floors get vacuumed (eventually).  But until then, my house is imperfect and my kids are happy.

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