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Go-To Summer Skincare Products!

I am always looking for safer skincare options.  Your skin is your largest organ so you should be just as concerned about what you put IN your body as what you put ON your body.  A lot of times, products that have a “better for you”  “safe” “organic” “natural” label to them don’t really work as well as “normal” products.  I try lots of things to get the safest and the most effective products for me and my family.


My favorite daily sun protection for me comes in the form of Beautycounter’s Dew Skin tinted moisturizer. I wear it daily for the sheer coverage, benefits to my skin (reduces the appearance of age spots and enhances skin brightness, while hyaluronic acid promotes firmer, smoother-looking skin), and SPF 20. And I love the Skin Stick and All Over Protect Sunscreen for my kids because they are quick, easy, SPF 30, water resistant, and have an EWG Skin Deep rating of 1.  Also, they absorb easily so my kids don’t have white streaks everywhere that are impossible to rub in! 

Why are they safer? Because they’re made with zinc oxide rather than the chemical skin protectant oxybenzone, which can trigger allergic reactions and hormone disruption. Love knowing the things I’m putting on my face and on my kids are both safe and effective.

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